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Bewitching Attraction

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Bewitching Attraction


Genre: Comedy
Audio: Korean
Subtitle: English

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  • Moon So-riMoon So-ri
  • Ji Jin-heeJi Jin-hee
  • Park Won-sangPark Won-sang
  • Yoo Seung-mokYoo Seung-mok
  • Jeong Woo-hyeokJeong Woo-hyeok
  • Sin Joo-ahSin Joo-ah
  • Jo Seong-haJo Seong-ha
  • Kim Sang-hyeonKim Sang-hyeon
  • Kim Seung-hoonKim Seung-hoon
  • Choo Sang-rokChoo Sang-rok
  • Kim Min-gyooKim Min-gyoo
  • Seo Joon-yeongSeo Joon-yeong
  • Kim Dong-yeongKim Dong-yeong
  • Sin Cheol-jinSin Cheol-jin
  • Choi Jae-hwanChoi Jae-hwan
  • Yoo Jeong-hyeonYoo Jeong-hyeon


Genre:Comedy | Romance
Size: 700 MB – 1CD
Subtitles: English

Plot:The lovely and promiscuous textile professor Eun-sook has all the male professors wrapped around her finger. It also helps that she’s slept with most of them. Eun-sook is also a member of the environmental awareness group. When the popular comic book artist Suk-gyu joins the group, he attracts the jealousy of Mr. YOO, one of other members who fears that he will steal Eun-sook from him, even though Eun-sook does not return his intense love.
It turns out that Eun-sook and Suk-gyu attended the same junior high school where they share a secret and tragic history. Back then, Eun-sook was sly with sexuality and was Suk-gyu’s older brother’s girlfriend. But after Eun-sook decides to sleep with Suk-gyu as well, the older brother’s best friend dies in an accident. As the jealous MR.YOO starts to snoop around Eun-sook and Suk-gyu’s past, will their secret be kept, and will they get together again?. Hancinema

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